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    Euphonious – Macmillan Cancer Support Fundraiser

    In the morning of May 4th of this year, my father passed away after battling Colon Cancer at the age of 49, just a shy month before celebrating his 50th. His death was not only a big loss to my family and I, but also our extended family, his friends, his colleagues and his community. He was a very popular individual, with around 700 people attending the funeral, and so many other people showing their love and support over the grieving period.
    However, I still hadn’t felt as if I had given him my personal send off.

    Attending music events is something that I enjoy doing in my spare time. In terms of my ‘creative’ side, if it wasn’t for my father, I wouldn’t be as passionate about the performing arts as I am today because he was the one who enrolled me into performing arts in the first place. For all those times my dad told me turn my voice down when I’m singing, I thought it was only right to do a music event in his honour!  Being that MacMillan Cancer Support nurses provided great support to my family during my father’s battle, I knew that it would be a great opportunity to give back to them as they played a significant role to my healing. All my close friends and family came to provide support, and most importantly my mother was also there (along with her squad).

    Everything was last minute so I would just like to give a personal thank you to all those who supported the event – Euphonious:

    (Check out the music and work of those who took part in the event!)

    Serginio Prince – Euphonious for Photographer & Editor at The Artistic Collaborative
    Dayo Adeyene – Videographer – Mr Dayo
    Effy FG Charles Ebose, HVQ (The UnkNWn)
    Savannah Dumetz
    Emily Mutaako
    Dara Adon Abel, Founder of SugarSweet – who contributed to the raffle with her “Champagne Choker”, check out her business which offers beautiful, affordable handmade chokers and accessories
    A big Thank You to all those that helped promote Euphonious, helped behind-the-scenes and on the night. A big Thank You to those who contributed to the cause. And a big Thank You to all those that attended, as well as those of you who could attend but sent their well wishes!

    © Eden Felicia Uwimana

    I want to thank Eden for organising such an amazing event and for helping relaunch The Artistic Collaborative with her story. It was an honour to be part as of such a beautiful and intimate occasion in the presence of such talented artists, all coming together in support of the Macmillan Cancer Support Charity. A charity with have not only supported Eden and her family during such difficult times but have, are and will continue to support millions of families across the UK who suffer from have a long one suffering from cancer. Euphonious is a memorable tribute to Antoine Ribanje, a man loved not only by his family and friends, but also by his community, who also had a profound effect on my life. Eden, the voice of an angel paired with a strong and brilliant mind, is certain to continue to make a great impact in her community, as she has proven by orchestrating this event. Big things to come from this strong and motivated woman. Follow her on twitter @edenfelicia.

    So… The Artistic Collaborative back!

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