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    Welcome to The Artistic Collaborative, a collection of real stories from people wanting to be heard. This is a platform for others not only to share their unique experiences and stories, but also showcase their creativity and talent.

    This is a celebration of the diversity and beauty in our world with a focus particularly on stories and experiences within the arts, culture, and discovery. Together, we hope to break down stigmas and stereotypes, unravel mysteries and share passions.

    We are all artists in our own right and together we are a community of creatives that learns, grows, and develops through the power of collaboration.

    We welcome (and actively encourage) all our readers to get in touch. After all, it isn’t a collaborative without all of you!

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    Have a story to tell? Want to be part of the collaboration? Or just want to have a chat and meet for a cup of tea? Come and say hi, we would love to hear from you!