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Empowering Voices

Empowering voices to tell real stories about real life.

ARCO Stories is a platform that puts you at the heart of the story. Whether you’re from the UK or further afield, we strive to empower voices telling real stories about real life. Be it music and fashion or health and travel, we collect stories that celebrate diversity, explore passions, and expose stigmas and stereotypes. We take a people-first approach in everything we create.

Our Stories

We split all our stories into three categories:

  • Arts – Creatives share their passions, their struggles and fight against adversity.
  • Culture – Exposing stigmas and stereotypes and celebrating diversity.
  • Discover – Uncovering hidden gems and new perspectives.

Our history

The Artistic Collaborative started as a video collaborative in 2013. The project aimed to bring together musicians of varying styles with dancers of different styles. And so, produced by students, Paul Gore, Rhys Lewis and Serge Kabanda, Artistic Collaborative Films (or ARCOfilms) was born.

After graduating in 2014, we went our separate ways to focus on our careers. This left ARCOfilms without a home. In 2015, Serge returned, turning ARCOfilms into the blog ARCO Stories. We became the platform you see today, a platform which shares human stories. From artistic struggles to mental health to cultural diversity, we became a platform others share their personal stories.

Between 2015 and 2017, thousands saw us as a platform which put your story first. Some of our contributors have credited us for helping them take the next step. Many readers have reached out about how they relate to our stories. Some found the confidence to tell their story in their way.

So we return in 2020, empowering voices to tell real stories about real life.

Empowering stories