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Music Fundraiser for Cancer Support

Eden set up Euphonious, a music fundraiser for cancer support charity – MacMillan. In memory of father, Antoine Ribanje, some of London’s most talented rising artist came together to show their respects and raise money for other families that are fighting cancer.

#Euphonious – The music fundraiser for cancer support

Eden hosting a live music fundraiser for cancer support in memory of her father.

In the morning of May 4th of this year, my father passed away after battling Colon Cancer at the age of 49, just a shy month before celebrating his 50th. His death was not only a significant loss to my family and I, but also our extended family, his friends, his colleagues and his entire community. He was very prevalent individual, with around 700 people attending the funeral, and many more showing their love and support during the grieving period.

However, I felt I hadn’t given him my send-off.

Music events is a passion that I enjoy doing in my spare time. In terms of my ‘creative’ side, if it weren’t for my father, I wouldn’t be nearly as passionate about the arts as I am today. After all, he was the one who enrolled me into performing arts in the first place. For all those times that my dad told me to turn my voice down when I would be singing, it would only be fitting to do a music event in his honour!

MacMillan Cancer Support nurses provided excellent support for my family during my father’s battle. I knew that this live music fundraiser for cancer support would be a unique opportunity to give back to them. They played a significant role in my healing. All my close friends and family came to provide support. Most importantly, my mother was also there (along with her squad).

Everything was last minute so I would like to give a personal thank you to all those who supported the event.

Thank you to all those that took part in this live music fundraiser for cancer support charity, MacMillan. Especially the following creatives who gave up their time to put on a great show:

Serge Kabanda, Eden’s cousin, took part this music fundraiser for cancer support as a photographer. Here he shares how he dealt with the passing of his uncle, a man who had inspired him.

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